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If we don't talk about it no one will ever know how prevelant the hidden truths of our youth haunt us yet today.

It takes courage to expose what went on in our homes while "Leave It To Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" were playing on the black & white TVs in our living rooms.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Response to "That Day"

My memories don't go back far from "That Day"; only fragments or pieces of what might have happened to cause "that day" to come about. My mom was a homeroom teacher and my Browine leader and I adored her. My brother, Ronnie is a year and a half younger than I and my sister, Christiann is four years younger.

Christiann was in kindergarten and our mom didn't pick my sister up from her morning class. I was never in trouble at school and being called to the office over the public announcement system was a shock in itself. When I went to Mr Walker's office I did not know what would lie ahead for me or my siblings. I walked my sister home, both of us so tiny it seemed like a walk that lasted forever, I'm sure she had to be frightened or maybe it didn't even seem odd to her.

When I got us home the front door was unlocked, we didn't lock our doors back then but as I look back it seemed especially erie when I walked in; maybe even darker than normal and I knew immediately something was horrifically wrong. I always had a second sense, intuitive in nature even though I didn't understand the power of that intuition.

Mom had left, she left three small children and our dad - "That Day". Why, that is the question that has never been answered and we never were given the chance to ask because she was murdered before we would ever see her again.

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